About SpecIT

The SpecIT™Toolset has been developed to help our clients to improve their investments in IT by understanding what they have, how it’s used and how that use can be improved. Whether you are looking for new systems or ensuring your current system works harder for you the SpecIT™Toolset is a proven methodology to quickly, efficiently and, in the detail needed for important strategic projects, ensure your investment in IT is working for you.

When considering a review of your IT whether you’re looking for a new system or wanting to ensure your current system is being used to its full potential the “devil is always in the detail”. With this is mind the SpecIT™Toolset can, depending on your requirements, analyse your business and the functionality required using a questionnaire with over 70,000 functional questions.

Who have we worked for?

The SpecIT™Toolset has been developed for many different economic sectors and MMG has worked for:

Business services

Central Government


Financial services


Media & Publishing

Professional services


Wholesales & distribution

Local Government





Food & beverage

Sports & entertainment

Where have we worked? We have considerable experience in understanding the differing requirements of clients across the world having carried out projects in:

United Kingdom




United States of America


What are our services?

MMG believe that we offer a distinct and clearly focused service. Our policy of only recruiting consultants with relevant experience and proven track records mean that our clients know what they are buying.

  • Toolset Implementation - MMG's experienced consultants can guide you through the configuration of the toolset to ensure that it meets your exact ongoing requirements. The implementation is typically completed within very short timescales (weeks rather than months) ensuring that you start reaping the benefits at the earliest opportunity. Comprehensive training is provided to minimise the reliance on MMG.
  • Project Management- utilising a pragmatic approach, MMG can provide the project management skills necessary to ensure a successful implementation. We deploy well respected methodologies in combination with our knowledge of how implementations typically run to help ensure project milestones and targets are met on time within budget.
  • Business Process Re-Engineering- the business process review element is typically undertaken in the format of a series of collaborative workshops with key members of the team. The outcome of these workshops is a clear picture of the "current" state with several alternative "future" states being put forward based on best practice. MMG consultants can then help manage the change process to ensure that the identified benefits are achieved.
  • Systems Due Diligence - utilising elements of the SpecIT™ toolset, MMG consultants can very quickly and comprehensively undertake IT due diligence programmes in M&A scenarios.