HRM Replacement Project

The SpecIT™ toolset works equally well for an ERP solution as for a specialist systems such as HRM or Financials. We are pleased to be working with a client who, during the summer season, has a head-count of 950 whilst during the close season has only 150 employees.

This causes them many problems with recruitment and general HR management so, using SpecIT™IVSM, we have developed a detailed specification and an outline of detailed processes to manage their HRM system requirement. The client needs to manage the many aspects of recruitment, appraisals, payroll & time and attendance etc. very efficiently given their relatively short timescales during the summer and closed seasons.

Using SpecIT™IVSM and SpecIT™ROI we are developing a detailed process to ensure the proposed new system can be implemented very quickly and all potential returns are delivered within a year. This, coupled with new communication methodologies, will need considerable change management and project planning to bring the project in on time which will be aided by the SpecIT™ approach.