ERP Solution for a Multi-country Manufacturer

SpecIT™IVSM is being used to develop a specification and shortlist for this client who has operations in the UK, Hungary and China. The project is for the replacement of an old, highly customised ERP system with a solution that must deliver as much functionality out of the box as possible.

The client has many processes and methodologies that are market specific and require a lot of input from the potential shortlisted candidates. The use of SpecIT™IVSM has reduced the overall timescales to get to a shortlist from nine months to three allowing the client to concentrate on other aspects of the business that require more in-depth analysis and process re-engineering.

The implementation of the system will not start until 2014 however, the SpecIT™IVSM methodology has already highlighted areas of the business that could be re-engineered to improve processes, administration and efficiency and, using SpecIT™ROI tool and liaising with the shortlisted suppliers, we are about to start analysing these areas in more detail to understand the return on capital.