In 2009 we worked with a consulting partner to assist a major packaging company with a full ERP selection. The client selected DynamicsAX as their new ERP solution.

In early 2013, we were asked to assist with a specialty Transportation Management System to integrate with the DynamicsAX 2012 installation.

Our capabilities in the TMS area had been updated based upon some work delivered for a similar company in the UK. The problem is that they are spending in excess of 40 Million USD on shipping charges. They were looking for a solution to help minimize the costs by allowing for spot buys for the best rates, allow shippers access to their own portal to maintain their own current rates and offer the ability to auction certain delivery contracts that are forty percent domestic and the remainder are international shipments.

They are looking to control the costs and have the actual rates integrate to the Dynamics Financials for invoicing and the proper payment.

We started with a list of fifteen suppliers and within three weeks had narrowed the list to a short list of three solutions. They have selected an integrated TMS solution in a total of six weeks from the beginning of the project. Implementation is in progress and expected to be complete by mid June of 2013.