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Welcome to SpecIT

Welcome to SpecIT™

Founded in 1991, Marlborough Management Group Ltd (MMG) is an independent consultancy that specialises in providing a unique range of products and services to help businesses to manage and control their IT investment. Over the years we have developed methodologies to support the services we offer that differentiates us from the crowd, culminating in TLC - Technology Lifecycle Control. Since 1999, MMG has developed tools to support those consultancy services, which have now evolved to become fully fledged applications in their own right. MMG develops and owns the IP of the unique SpecIT™ product suite and the product, process and industry knowledge it contains.
Marlborough Management Group continue to develop the toolset which is now used for complex specification and selection project as well as for developing processes and systems for existing solutions and helping clients & investors in the Mergers & Acquisitions market place We have now grown the SpecIT™ toolset into a world-wide recognised solution to help clients ensure their IT costs are turned into an investment. The system is widely used by our partner base in the USA with some major consultancies and we are also developing other partnerships in The UK as well as India.

Turn Your IT Costs into an Investment

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SpecIT Portfolio

In our experience even the most efficient and best organisations do not have total accurate technology inventories with information normally residing in ...


SpecIT IVSM is a technology specification and selection tool allowing you to record the detailed functionality of current applications (as identified using SpecIT ...

SpecIT Programme

SpecIT Programme: a set of frameworks, processes and tools to enable the alignment of initiatives with business strategy, benefit expectations and ...


SpecIT ROI allows return on investment analyses to be undertaken at a very detailed level including NPV calculations, break-even analysis and multi...

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