SpecIT™ IVSM Features

Technology Specification & Selection
  • Quickly gather detailed functionality requirements (37,000+ functionality points) and compare with the capabilities of over 2,000 "packaged" applications.
  • Specify the requirements of multiple entities e.g. countries, companies, divisions etc.
  • Ability to consolidate all of the specifications into one at the press of a button.
  • Report back to the individual operating units to show how their requirements are met by the consolidated specification.
  • Define an organisational specification process and methodology ensuring a consistent approach is applied for all projects.
  • Gap analyses - build versus buy, prioritising development.
  • Managing releases and maintenance costs of internal systems.
  • Purchasing tool - IT (e.g. hardware).
  • Automated and paperless tendering tool to manage all the interaction with vendors.
  • Process validation tool.
  • It can be used as in-house skills database.
  • Enables you to compare vendors on a like for like basis.
Application Repository
  • Record the functionality of existing applications so that they can be treated as a potential vendor.
  • Benchmark the capabilities versus requirements.
  • Establish where there is crossover in functionality between applications which could highlight duplication of information, redundant functionality etc.
  • Enables you to view projects undertaken by other companies within the same organisation.
Due diligence in M&A
  • In conjunction with SpecIT™ Portfolio, evaluate the applications of the target organisation.
  • If successful, it can than be used to compare against your own applications to establish which are the most appropriate.