SpecIT™ ROI allows return on investment analyses to be undertaken at a very detailed level including NPV calculations, break-even analysis and multi-scenario planning thus allowing for project justification and prioritisation.

  • ROI Features
  • ROI Benefits

SpecIT™ ROI Features

  • Ability to create multiple ROI scenarios for the same project.
  • Full NPV, Break Even and ROI calculations.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Ability to create organisational constants.
  • Reusable templates.
  • Wizard driven and simple to use.
  • Full audit trail.
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SpecIT™ ROI Benefits

  • Apply a consistent methodology across the whole organisation.
  • Ensure you focus on those projects that meet your strategic objectives.
  • Templates ensure that ROI can set up quickly.
  • Help ensure compliance to organisational procedures and methodologies.
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