Using the SpecIT™ methodology underlies all our services to ensure your investment in IT meets the standard you would expect in terms of functionality, processes and future proofing the system.

The strategic options demanded by modern business systems from their IT solutions require a considerable investment in understanding the immediate needs and future needs of a business. With this in mind SpecIT™ offers the following services utilising the SpecIT™Toolset linked closely to best practice analysis:

Specification and Selection – carry out simple or complex spec & select project for systems ranging from complex, multi-country ERP solutions to simple HRM requirements.

Understanding Current Applications – what have you got in terms of IT and does it meet your strategic requirements. It’s better to get your current system working for you, if at all possible, than spend a lot of money on a new system that just replaces what you’ve got.

System Due Diligence – if you’re considering buying a company how can you ensure that their current system meets their requirements and your strategic aims and goals. Mergers & Acquisition projects can cost more in the medium run if the systems underlying the target company are not strategically functional.

Merger & Acquisition Analysis– the system can ensure any investment company is using the best solution across their portfolio. A simple question, can you gain any benefit from utilising a Portfolio wide set of solutions?

Business Process Re-engineering – a simple, often overlooked methodology to review how you currently work, critically analyse it and, if needed, redesign the process in line with the current or future systems available. It’s so important to ensure that your investment in IT works for you and not you work for the system.

Return on Investment calculations– linking a detailed tool to your IT analysis give you the opportunity to ensure your strategic decisions are aligned to you goals and aims and meet your budgetary requirements.

Portfolio Management - In our experience even the most efficient and best organisations do not have totally accurate technology inventories with information normally residing in a multitude of different places (e.g. on paper, in spreadsheets, in the general ledger, in an asset register etc).With this in mind, SpecIT™ Portfolio has been developed as an easy to deploy, rapid implementation application that allows an organisation to hold all relevant data, including budget and actual costs, regarding all of its IT investments (software, hardware, general infrastructure, projects etc). Furthermore it allows the user to evaluate each IT investment to calculate a health score or, in the case of projects, a risk / benefit score enabling meaningful decisions to be taken which are completely in line with business strategy.

Project Management SpecIT™ offers considerable expertise and experience having been involved in many hundreds of projects ranging from simple specification and selection to complex implementation.


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